Total Tubular Management 

We offer a unique concept of supply chain management designed to suit customer needs whilst adding value to the project. We call this Total Tubular Management.  

Total Tubular Management starts with the customer identifying their forecasted requirements and specifications. MITO then arrange to have the pipe manufactured and delivered to a nominated location and held on consignment, or title transferred on delivery. Our services include:


  • Sourcing from the region’s top tier steel mills
  • Project scheduling
  • Mill auditing, quality assurance and product quality control 
  • Sourcing from our global network of sister companies holding stock in every major oil and gas market



  • Materials selection and corrosion advice
  • Accredited expert advice on QA/QC supervision specific to OCTG well servicing and well construction   
  • Onshore and offshore Technical Sales team act as a link between customers and manufacturers   



  • Managing transportation with Australia’s leading transport companies
  • Delivery tracking
  • Transportation company auditing



  • Storage in managed facilities across Australia
  • Inventory control and maintenance


Inventory Management

  • Timely notification of turn-over rates
  • Recommendations on when to buy
  • Advice on lead time from Mills


Surplus Management

  • Best-use analysis of surplus pipe
  • Sourcing buyers for surplus pipe from our local and global network




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