First Running of WELDA Quick Connect

First Running of WELDA Quick Connect

The first successful running of MITO's innovative WELDA Quick Connect marks a significant milestone in our diversification into the mining sector.

MITO is proud to announce the first successful running of our innovative WELDA Quick Connect product, a significant milestone in our diversification into the mining sector. Implemented in regional Queensland, this achievement was facilitated by Depco Drilling, to enhance the efficiency and performance of their onsite drilling applications.

Welda Quick Connect has been engineered to offer a high performing, flush connection, tailored specifically for mining applications. Designed with speed in mind, the connection features a blunt start and 3 thread per inch (TPI) coarse thread to deliver quick and easy make up in less than 7 turns.

Built to withstand the harsh environments of the drilling industry, the connection is submerged arc welded to the pipe body, ensuring a reliable weld that is stronger than the pipe itself.

Ernest Harker, Drilling Operator for Depco, was impressed with the product’s performance and efficiency and how quickly the pipe was made up. ‘’We’ve had issues with the welded on products in the past where the connector has been slightly out of alignment, but with WELDA it is perfectly straight,” remarked Harker. “It’s much quicker than how we’ve run this casing string in the past. We completed the project in about half the time it would normally have taken us.”

The successful deployment of WELDA Quick Connect underscores MITO’s commitment to provide solutions to the mining industry. MITO extends its thanks to Depco Drilling for their collaboration and looks forward to continued success in the future.

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