Quickly overcome supply gaps and target zero inventory with Pipesales.

Pipesales is your global marketplace to buy and sell tubular products. The platform was developed and is managed by Marubeni Itochu to connect buyers and sellers internationally. Our customers can unlock capital by turning excess tubular products into revenue whilst removing storage and maintenance costs linked to holding surplus stock. By utilising ready-made tubular products, our customers can reduce their carbon footprint associated with new tubular production.

Pipesales allows sellers to promote their surplus inventory to buyers around the world. MITO and our global Marubeni Itochu network act as your local representative in the buying and selling process. We manage the transaction in a safe and secure environment to give both buyers and sellers confidence.   Pipesales is part of our Total Tubular Management Services (TTMS), our platform to manage our customers' surplus inventory. 

  • Buy or sell globally, manage it locally 
    Pipesales enables sellers to promote surplus inventory globally, opening buyers' search horizons. We’ll put you in touch with a local representative no matter where you are in the world. 
  • Safe and Secure Transactions
    We provide a secure and uncomplicated process, with both buyers and sellers enjoying the confidence of transaction management by MITO or our associated  Marubeni-Itochu Steel (MISI) network.
  • Supporting cost-effective inventory management
    Pipesales marketplace allows organisations of all sizes to quickly trade tubular products and accessories at a fair price. You can now keep costs in line with expectations and easily access or offload excess inventory.
  • Large range of ready-made pipes fit for purpose
    Pipesales marketplace is home to a large range of quality Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). Browse by product type, grade, size, connection and location. Be assured of suitable backup supplies to meet urgent demand.
  • Contribute to a sustainable future for the industry and the world
    Utilising ready-made tubular products is an easy way to contribute to a sustainable future. Customers can reach ESG targets by reducing their carbon footprint associated with new tubular production.

Pipesales Introduction

How to Buy

How to Sell 


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MITO gets involved early in the project to design tailored solutions.
We can deliver the right product to the right place at the right time.
Our excellent systems and service ensure asset integrity during the product lifespan.
We manage every aspect of deployment, so our customers don’t have to.
Our commitment to continuous improvement allows us to apply learnings to future operations.

Our Total Tubular Management Services (TTMS)

Total Tubular Management Services (TTMS) is a collection of best-in-class processes and practices designed to support timelines and substantially reduce the total cost of ownership of operations, from design through to optimisation.

Our global expertise matched with our local footprint allows us to have experienced professionals on the ground with the knowledge to operate efficiently and overcome unexpected obstacles. Through the TTMS process, we deliver significant savings, exceptional quality and safety alongside superior services.

Want to know more? 

Please contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about how Pipesales can provide the right solutions for your business.