Services and Manufacturing

Our team of experienced and highly skilled experts at MITO provide a comprehensive range of services, catering to various needs of our valued customers, such as storage, maintenance, and efficient preparation of products for applications and timely delivery to meet their requirements.

With a strong commitment to quality and excellence, we also specialize in the manufacturing and repair of OCTG and accessories, offering a wide array of services that includes precision threading, advanced straightening, make-up equipment, laser cutting, and high-tech perforation capabilities to meet even the most demanding industry standards.

Furthermore, our local workshop is fully equipped and highly responsive to meet the unique and specific needs of our customers, even during emergencies and critical situations, and can provide bespoke solutions and manufacture accessories promptly to minimize disruptions and downtime.

At MITO, we take pride in offering additional services to facilitate our clients' operations and boost their productivity. Our highly efficient and reliable Third-Party Tubular Management Services (TTMS) allow us to manage our clients' inventory and seamlessly coordinate logistics and transportation to ensure timely delivery to their yards or a third-party facility.

Our locations

Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Oceania is on the ground with you.  We’ve strategically positioned our facilities close to operations across the Oceania region, providing you easy access to the products for quick delivery and local support.

Dalby is MITO’s largest storage and service facility and the largest in the Oceania region. Established in 2017, the facility offers storage, manufacturing and repair of OCTG and accessories.  Services include threading, straightening, make-up equipment, laser cutting and perforation capabilities. Dalby is a critical piece in our Total Tubular Management Services and is the centre of excellence where we continue to innovate and implement digital solutions for our operations. 

  • Location 38 Wambo St, Dalby Queensland 4405
  • Size 100,000 sqm

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At MITO, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our customers, to achieve project success together. We pride ourselves on our team’s expertise, quality product and on-time delivery, every time. MITO is your trusted stable partner, to make your life easier.