Casing Accessories

Your one-stop shop for casing equipment and custom cementing solutions.

MITO offers a full range of casing equipment and cementing tools, powered by Tubestream®, to meet your operational needs. We work exclusively with major cementing manufacturers to provide custom solutions for each operation.

Our casing equipment can handle various challenges, such as structure, temperature and fluid, to meet technical and material specifications. MITO supports you at every step to achieve a well with integrity and high performance.

Our product range

MITO offers a comprehensive range of casing products and services. We work with major casing manufacturers to provide customized solutions tailored to your operational needs.

Cementing Plugs

Cementing plugs prevent contamination and intermixing. Our high-quality cement plugs are designed and used to separate displacement fluid, clean the casing, minimise cement sheath, and reduce slurry contamination, as well as providing pressure indications when displacement is complete.

MITO’s cementing plug solutions are composed of high-quality Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) with a phenolic composite core. The composite/elastomer construction is high strength, but also readily drillable with tri-cone or PDC drill bits.

We provide customers a variety of cementing plug options to meet all applications.

How we deliver effective cementing solutions

  • Single point accountability, one supplier for cementing equipment and OCTG streamlining operations for ease of contact and assistance.
  • Stock on the ground, ready to go. Ability to meet short lead times
  • In house technical support and expertise.
  • Our product is manufactured through proven manufacturing partners delivering reliable product solutions.
  • Trusted stable partner, quality on time, every time.

Quality certifications

MITO ensures quality standards through their strong relationships with trusted supply partners who have API Q1 certifications for manufacturing organizations in the petroleum and natural gas industry.

All equipment, including centralizers and cementing float equipment, is manufactured and tested in accordance with API 10D and API 10F standards.

Have a specific need for your well?

Get in touch and we’ll help you find the right cementing product. Our expert team is on hand to help with any questions or technical information you require.