Sucker rod

Sucker rod is essential for well production. We supply a comprehensive selection of sucker rod for oil and gas completions. 

At MITO, we maintain stringent manufacturing standards, quality control and technical expertise to provide a range of products that meet your operational requirements. Our inventory includes standard, premium, and corrosion-resistant models that are tailored to your unique well environments, budget and production strategy. In addition to our extensive inventory, local facilities, knowledgeable team and proven processes, we offer Total Tubular Management Services to manage your Sucker rod demand planning, inventory management and timely delivery.

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Our product range

We offer:

  • Sucker Rod: Available in high-strength alloy steel and comes in lengths ranging from 25-30ft.
  • Pony rod: Available in 1-10ft lengths.
  • Polished rod: Available in lengths ranging from 25-30ft. Applied on top of the string of sucker rods it is made of higher alloy steel. The polished surface enables hydraulic seal to be made around the reciprocating rod string.
  • Couplings: Typically fitted in the mill, in the yard or on the rig. Our range of Couplings come in various types and pin sizes including Full Size (FS) or Slim Hole (SH), Options for T (Through Hardened), HS (High Strength), UHS (Ultra High Strength), SM (Spray Metal).

Looking for Sucker rods designed specifically for your well?

Contact us with your project needs and we’ll help you find the right product. Our expert team is on hand to help with any questions or technical information you require.