We make sure you get more out of your pipe.

Our dedicated global team manages each step of the process, relieving you of any costly supply chain risk and time-consuming administration. We call this Total Tubular Management (TTM) a rock-solid process exhaustively tested and proven over countless years.

We manage all aspects of tubular services, from procurement through to inventory and surplus management, plus everything in between.


Procurement & Planning

Our flexible, multi-mill sourcing means customers get the right pipe, at the right time from anywhere in the world. We have the flexibility to source from our global network of sister companies.

We strive to ensure a collaborative experience.

Together, we can review drilling programs and analyse the requirements allowing us to manage project scheduling, mill auditing, quality assurance and product quality control.


Technical Services

We’re dedicated to ensuring that your products are produced to your required specifications. And, we solidly support you with a wide range of technical services including:

Material selection and corrosion advice.

Accredited expert advice on quality assurance and quality control supervision - specific to OCTG well servicing and well construction.

Onshore and offshore technical sales team, acting as a link between you and the manufacturers.


Logistic Services

We may not make the pipe that we deliver, but we sure make a big difference.

Our focus is to ensure your products are transported safely from the point of call to the final destination. We manage transportation with Australia’s leading transport companies and undergo stringent delivery tracking transportation company auditing.


Storage Services

We have storage facilities strategically placed near operational activity across Australia and New Zealand. This local presence enables us to provide exceptionally efficient support – and deliver your products on time.

Your products will be 100% supported through our thorough inventory control and maintenance. All products stored with us will undergo incoming inspections, regular checks and where necessary, thorough maintenance will be carried out.

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Inventory Management

With Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Oceania, you don't just get pipe, you get our global team of experts. We can provide you with critical details from advice on lead time, mill and manufacturer recommendations and suggestions on when to buy.

We have worked hard on streamlining the Call-Off process. Any time you need a product, a Call-Off can be easily performed and monitored by our in-house system, Tubestream™. For product traceability, Tubestream™ provides all the details of a particular delivered batch as well as, providing various Key Performance Indicators that can be used to monitor progress and provide continuous improvement.

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Surplus Management

Sometimes, no matter how well-planned the process, there will be a surplus of products.

Whenever this occurs, our Total Tubular Management process can help with excess stock. Excess product can be returned to us for further storage or we can help you dispose the product through Marubeni-Itochu’s vast global network.