Your central hub for immediate access to project information. In real time.

Tubestream™ is a leading cloud-based digital platform that supports our Total Tubular Management while allowing instantly streamlined information for our customers. The first of its kind, Tubestream™ was specifically developed by Marubeni-Itochu’s Tubular Digital Centre, to improve operations significantly through better performance, flexibility, optimised inventory and reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

Tubestream™ serves as a hub for all our customers and stakeholders. Accessible through any compatible web browser, individuals can immediately access all project information in the one location. From the pipe leaving the mill to arriving at your doorstep, Tubestream™ allows customers to instantly review all inventory management information and processes:

  • Forecasting information - Comparing a forecast schedule to inventory on hand. This drives purchase recommendations to ensure our customers always have enough stock to complete their campaign.

  • Call Off details - See the Call Off progress in real time. See dispatch details (including delivery dockets, photos, driver checklists), batch information and all Call Off documents in the one place.

  • Manufacturing Data Records - Tally Lists, Inspection Reports, Mill and Compliance Certificates.

This groundbreaking platform provides optimal transparency, communication and streamlined information while offering lower contract management and inspection costs.

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Instantly access information anywhere in the globe with any compatible web browser


Easily access all project information in the one place


More detail
Rapidly drill down on data for more specific details


Better communication
Live chat with the project team at any time and stay informed

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Tubestream is accessible for all customers and stakeholders


Lower costs
Tubestream allows for lower inspection & contract management costs